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Ivo Valkenburg

New video: What Now? Making Love Visible as a Legal Tender Post Covid-19


Ivo Valkenburg (Netherlands, 1966) is a highly versatile person. He is not easy to pigeonhole. His work doesn't fit in any regular job description. Above all, he is an inspired man with a vision on a new economy of well-being and contentment for all living creatures. He envisions all living beings on planet Earth back in their original state of being. Freed from all illusions and lack of freedom. Restored in connection with themselves and everything. From the power from the source of every being. As a gift of the original world. He feels here to be on earth to play a role in the return of the human being in life, work and economics. To give space to man's original potential. Therefor, Ivo invites people and companies to apply the power of being, and the power of infinite love, in all aspects of life without judgment or expectations. He facilitates people, individually, and in relationship with others, both in (financial) business and private, in the process of discovery who they really are. He creates time and space in peace and nature, to work on the recovery and the use of the human power in daily life.


Ivo & Lili Valkenburg - Love made Visible from Frigyes Fogel on Vimeo.


The focus of Ivo's work is on:

  1. To make infinite love visible in the origin of people and organizations 
  • The development of a platform of 1.000+ examples of people, companies and organizations who work from a pure intention to a new economy in which the highest nature of man is the starting point. This platform is called LOVE MADE VISIBLE.  
  • To internationally connect people in the financial sector to create a new economy of well being and happiness and building a financial sector that serves life. For this reason Ivo is ambassador of the New Financial Forum, a Dutch based platform for a new financial world.
  • To promote and to support the mission of the independent filmmaker Frigyes Fogel, making visible a new paradigm of consciousness that is starting to transform the world.  
  1. Facilitating companies and organizations to work from the originally human source 
  • As affiliate partner of the Next Step Factory
  • To assist sustainable transition in business either alone or in cooperation with third parties 
  • Education and training in the development of the human dimension in entrepreneurship and organizational development
  • Advice, mediation and transformer in the resolution of issues and conflicts from the highest nature of man (beyond the process of mediation)
  • intensive support of entrepreneurs in goals from the core of the heart alone, with Lili Baumann, Jelle Bartels, Jeroen Bais, Thom Boot and others
  1. Guidance of enterprising people, individually, in relationships and in groups, in order to experience the essence of who they really are and to give full expression in everyday life  
  1. Writing and publishing articles, interviews and books about life and business from the core of our original state of being  
  • Spirit in Finance, let your light shine in the world of money and matter. A plea for love as legal tender (Dutch 2009) 
  • Louter Leven - on the economy of love (Dutch 2015)

          Spirit in Finance + Louter Leven books are out of stock

          after total sales of 3.000+ #thankyou!

  1. International giving interactive presentations on the power of infinite love and connection.
  • In business
  • for organisations who are active in transformation and transition in society
  • Religious and spiritual institutions/communities 

Ivo's enthusiasm is awakening the inner voice and beauty of people and organizations all over Europe. Over the past 30 years, Ivo has gathered a lot of (inter)national expertise in the field of financial services (financial planning, banking and insurance, investment, accountancy etc.)

Ivo Valkenburg can be reached by e-mail at

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