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Spirit Finance

Why? How? What?

In our dream, we see all living beings on planet Earth back in their original state of being. Freed from all illusions and lack of freedom. Restored in connection with themselves and everything. From the power from the source of every being. As a gift of the original world.    


We are here on Earth to bring the human aspect to life in work and economics. To give space to man's original abilities.    


How do we do that?
We invite people and companies to apply the power of being, and the power of love, in all aspects of life without judgment or expectations.    


What do we do?
We facilitate people, individually, and in relationship with others, both business and private, in the process of discovery who they really are. We create time and space in peace and nature, to work on the recovery and the use of the human abilities in daily life.


What do we offer?

The focus of our work is:

  1. To make visible how beautiful in their origin human beings, business and life are on Earth.
  • The development of a platform of more than 1000 examples of people, companies and organizations who work a pure intention to a new economy in which the highest nature of man is the starting point
  • To internationally connect people in the financial sector to create a human economy and to show how money and service can serve people, nature and society (
  • To fulfil an ambassadors role in Nederland Bewust Anders (A New Dutch society based upon the Field of Creation)
  1. Facilitating companies and organisations to work from the originally human power.
  • As a committed member of the experts' team of Next Step Factory
  • To assist sustainable transition in business either alone or in cooperation with third parties
  • Education and training in the development of the human dimension in entrepreneurship and organizational development
  • Advice, mediation and transformer in the resolution of issues and conflicts from the highest nature of man (beyond the process of mediation)
  • intensive support of entrepreneurs in goals from the core of the heart through the NSF LEAP 
  1. Guidance of enterprising people, individually, in relationships and in groups, in order to experience the essence of who they really are and to give full expression in everyday life.  
  • the Organization of individual and group retreats in the mountains of Transylvania at our Transilvania Retreat Center, Center for Co-Creating a Society of Love
  1. Writing and publishing articles, interviews and books about life and business from the core of being fully human.    
  1. International giving lectures about the power of love and connection.
  • In business
  • for organisations who are active in transformation and transition in society
  • Religious and spiritual institutions/communities
  • as a member of Miracles in Contact, the Dutch platform for a Course in Miracles
  • as a speaker for Assembly Speakers Bureau in Maastricht


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