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Ivo Valkenburg

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Ivo Valkenburg (1966) is a highly versatile person. He is not easy to pigeonhole. Above all, he is an inspired man with a vision. His enthusiasm is awakening the inner voice and beauty of people and organisations. Amongst many things, Ivo is a professional speaker, trainer and business consultant who specializes in issues of personal, organizational and community transformation. Ivo is also the author of "Spirit in Finance, Let your light shine in the world of money and matter" (2009) and 'Pure Life - A Plea for Love as Legal Tender' (2017). Around his latest book he created a website Love Made Visible, Seeking to reveal more than 1000 practice examples of initiatives for a beautiful and loving society.

Over the past 30 years, Ivo has gathered a lot of (inter)national expertise in the field of financial services such as banking and insurance, investment companies and stock-brokers, financial planning,  accountancy and  independent financial advisors in both professional and branche-type organisations.

After publishing his books, Ivo finds himself sought after and asked to extend his skills in other business sectors as well. He is regularly quoted and interviewed for Dutch radio, TV and other media.

Through his work, Ivo wishes to bring alive the true soul of large corporations, small and medium enterprises, professionals, organizations (governmental or non-governmental), communities, cities/towns, regions, households and individuals. He helps them to discover and implement practical solutions for designing, building and enhancing their well-being and happiness. 

Ivo was an active committee member of the Encounter of Worldviews, an organisation devoted to bringing together people from the international business community, politics, sciences and NGO's, aiming to build a dialogue around sustainable leadership. 

Ivo Valkenburg can be reached by e-mail at

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