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Ivo's Soft Sabbatical

Ivo's Soft Sabbatical


Transylvania, 21 December 2018


Dear Friends,

From today onwards, I will be focussing inwards for 3 to 6 months during a so called #soft #sabbatical. I will let go a lot, or perhaps even all, to discover a deeper understanding of what it is to BE here on Planet Earth. ‘Soft’ as I continue a few projects, ‘Sabbatical’ as I won’t be the YES-man any longer. I will hold on for a while any new working related activities. Transilvania Retreat Center, including Casa Maria, will remain open for individual retreats and be continued by Lili with my warm support. I won’t be active on social media, and will give my laptop and phone also a big rest. In the meantime you can ALWAYS reach me through Liliana Valkenburg (by email: - mobile: +40 723541369). Lili loves to be your contact person for any questions or whatever you feel is important to share. Last but not least: I love all of you, even if you hardly hear from me, you are always in my heart. 
I am, because we are. Big hug, Ivo xxx


PS So if you don't hear from me for a bit, don't worry – I am still there, I will just be #underwater, enjoying the sea to better understand the land.