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The 5 core competencies of Connective Consulting


1 Vertrouwen Learning to adopt a positive attitude in life, that is sustainable for the long term. Learn to not project your suspicions or fears on people or situations if you 'have not master the skills' or are 'not completely familiar with the subject matter'. To possess a talent for real enthusiasm, having fun and accepting all that is.
2 Afgestemd Zijn Becoming proficient in requiring a continuous communication from the heart for connective consulting. To be talented in genuinely listening and speaking, whatever the circumstances. Getting to know the do's and don'ts of connective communication.
3 Holisme To be able to discern the diversity of all the aspects in the blink of an eye. Realising that everything is connected to all and everyone, without causing mood swings. The talent to act and perceive outside your comfort zone and professional specialism.
4 Authenciteit Being conscious of yourself, daring to have a personality that is your own. Creating a face to your own expertise within an organisation, or family. Accomplish basic requisites. To be able to remain in sight and satisfied, even though (business) conditions may change. Use your intuition to your advantage, become valuable.
5 Spirit To be able to continue feeling and acting as prompted from within a clear heart. Realise that the purpose and meaning of life is beyond the concept of an 'individual mind', the illusory state of the ego.  Allow your true essence to spring to life starting with your authentic self. From now on, choices will be determined by your 'Higher Self': you are an instrument of Spirit.
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